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Teddy Baer

Hi, I’m Teddy. You may recognize me from my online porn career; if not I’m a dog lover, a fitness enthusiast, enjoyer of long conversations, and a bit of a s*x addict. I’m assertive but respectful, a top leaning switch, with a bit of an obsession for butts. When not doing naked things I enjoy Drag Shows, Musicals, Professional Wrestling, reading, vintage shopping, getting lost in music, or doing dog dad things. I love to eat, but I am vegan so please keep that in mind if you’re looking to take me out!


English, French, Silly Goose

Drink of Choice

Fizzy Water, Dr. Pepper Zero, Coffee, THC beverages

Gift Me

Nasty Pig Underpants, Gift Cards, Pre-Workout

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All About Me





Has Tattoos & Piercings

Image by Dainis Graveris

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